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Attention! This application is for students who wish to enroll Part-Time and are not seeking a degree from SUNY Sullivan. If you wish to seek a degree from us, please go to the "Getting Started" tab above, otherwise scroll down to "Step 1" and click on "Begin Your Application".

Please visit our Student Billing page for pricing information.

Note: Some courses may have pre-requisites.

  • If you are a current SUNY Sullivan student, please log in to your account to register for courses. 
  • If you have never attended or need to reactivate your SUNY Sullivan accounts, please complete the steps below to register for courses. If you intend to seek a degree from SUNY Sullivan, please fill out our undergraduate application too.
Part-time Application
    Part-time Application  
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.

Student Billing Policies & Requirements:

1. A valid CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE is required by SUNY Sullivan for all students.

2. Please be advised that you are financially liable for classes that you register for.

For instructions and forms visit our Student Accounts page.


Brightspace is a course management system that keeps you connected to your instructor, coursework and progress. Log in to Brightspace at with your username and password. Student login will be available one week before classes begin.

Preview week

Each term will have a “preview week”. “Preview week” will start one week before the start date of the courses. “Preview week” will allow you to test your login, read course requirements, and become familiar with Brightspace.

Brightspace Support

You can find Brightspace training videos at our Online Learning page.

Winter and Summer Intersession

During the Summer and Winter inter-sessions a student may (generally) take no more than one credit per week for each week a session meets. Examples: 

  1. During a six week Summer session a student may take a maximum of 6-7 credits (the seventh credit allows a student to take two courses with one of them being a 4 credit Science course with a lab, or two 3 credit courses and a Physical Education. A student would not be allowed to take two 4 credit Science courses for a total of eight credits).
  2. During a four week Summer session a student may take a maximum of 4-5 credits (a 3, or 4 credit course and a Physical Education. A student would not be allowed to take two 3 credit courses). 
  3. During a four week Winter session a student may take a maximum of 4 credits (a 3 credit course and a Physical Education, or a 4 credit Science with a lab) 
  4. During a 15 week Fall or Spring semester the maximum credit load is 11 credits. 12 credits is full-time for which there is a separate application.